Meet our Cadets

We caught up with our cadets to hear about their experiences at Gilbert + Tobin.

Paige Bisset

First year, JD, University of New South Wales

“Working at Gilbert + Tobin has been an amazing experience. Since starting in 2014 I have had the opportunity to progress through various stages of the cadetship program. I have progressed from my role as an admin assistant in Corporate Advisory to research assistant in the Knowledge Management team and more recently I am working as a paralegal in TMT practice team. These position are highly insightful and I am gaining exposure to a variety of practice groups. I had the opportunity to work closely with the Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs) within each group and prepared a number of research tasks for clients and internal updates.

When I started my career at Gilbert + Tobin I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Communications / Bachelor of Laws at Western Sydney University. Last year I took the early exit option and graduated with a Bachelor of Communications. With the support of Gilbert + Tobin and my mentors, I gained entry into the Juris Doctor program at the University of New South Wales where I will continue with my legal studies.”

Angelique Welsh

Fourth year, BA/LLB, Macquarie University

“The invaluable experience I have gained at Gilbert and Tobin has allowed me to gain an even greater understanding of the legal profession. It has also allowed me to further explore the area of law which I wish to be involved in once I graduate. I have participated in the cadetship since November 2013 and have gained a number of practical skills which have not only enriched my experience here at G+T, but are transferable to my university studies. Furthermore, the supportive nature of G+T has increased my own understanding of the legal field and given me the opportunity to explore my future direction.”

Teela Reid, Alumni

JD, University of New South Wales, 2016

What did your role involve?

As a cadet, your role is quite varied. You have the opportunity to select the practice areas you are interested in working in and also have the flexibility to balance work and study. I’ve had the opportunity to attend Court and interviews with clients, draft submissions for inquiries, draft letters/memos/ file notes, chronologies, draft papers for organisations, as well as prepare evidence/exhibits for Court.

What are some of the highlights or interesting stories from your cadetship?

Attending the World Indigenous Legal Conference and the National Indigenous Legal Conference were highlights that really consolidated for me the broader contribution G+T wants to make in society. In addition to being a top corporate firm, it is serious about making a genuine contribution to achieving social justice in Australia. At G+T, there were high expectations to developing my legal skill set in an environment that also respected my Aboriginality. Another highlight was working in the Pro Bono Team.

What are your plans on graduation?

I will be working as Tipstaff to a judge in the Supreme Court of NSW. After that, I’m leaving my options open.

Advice to other students?

Be prepared. Be yourself. Be brave.

Oscar Monaghan

BA/LLB, University of Sydney, 2016

What did your role involve?

My role primarily involved assisting my practice group by providing general paralegal support. I typically assist by running ASIC and PPSR searches, as part of our due diligence; by drafting correspondence to other law firms and clients; by proofreading documents; and by conducting research. Banking and Infrastructure is an exciting area of law, and transactional work is never boring!

What are some of the highlights or interesting stories?

I have been wonderfully supported by G+T, and have been very fortunate to have been provided the opportunity to attend the National Indigenous Legal Conference, that took place in Melbourne in 2015; I attended with other Indigenous lawyers and cadets, and it was a fun way to bond with other Indigenous staff. I was also offered the opportunity to go on secondment to Channel Nine – which was a great way to experience in-house legal work.

What are your plans on graduation?

I will be studying a Master of Laws at the University of New South Wales and continuing to paralegal with G+T.

Advice to other students

Know yourself and follow your interests, but meditate on the advice of others. Make the most of your time as a student and be open to new experiences! A cadetship is a great way to test the waters of a particular kind of legal work, and you’ll work alongside others who will be happy to share their own experiences of other aspects of the profession.

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