Charlie Beasley

Charlie Beasley

Competition + Regulation

The facts

  • I studied Arts/Law at the Australian National University.
  • I decided to join Gilbert + Tobin following my interviews during Gilbert + Tobin’s Super Saturday recruitment day. As I left the firm that day, my lasting impression was that this was a firm where your contribution could really have impact and where individual and team achievements would be recognised and rewarded. I also left with the impression that it was a willingness to work hard, to get involved and be enthusiastic that was what counted. It did not seem, like some other firms, a place where “knowing the right person” or playing politics was the way to get ahead.
  • I have always been part of the Competition + Regulation practice.

The experience

  • The best thing about my clerkship experience was the fact that during my clerkship I was told that, and treated as though, those 2 months were the beginning of my career at Gilbert + Tobin. You were a member of the Gilbert + Tobin team from day 1. I still have working relationships across Gilbert + Tobin based on work during those formative weeks.
  • The proudest moment of my career so far was receiving a personal email from the CEO of one of our largest clients telling me that the work I had put together in quite a stressful timeframe had vastly exceeded his expectations.
  • If I were Managing Partner at Gilbert + Tobin I would not change the fact that this is a place where enthusiasm and a willingness to work is rewarded. It is a place where labels or positions are not set in stone – that is, you are given work, client engagements and responsibility that challenge and encourage you to develop based on your demonstrated capacity rather than on the basis of the number of PQE years you have on paper. I would, however, change the covering of the lounges in the reception area – it looks like we have skinned Humphrey B Bear and turned him into a piece of furniture.
  • I think Gilbert + Tobin stands out from other firms as we are proof that a corporate law firm (or any other corporate business) does not need to lose its character, eccentricity, rawness and community commitment to be extremely successful.

The insights

  • I’m an armchair expert on many topics, but it depends who I’m having the conversation with and whether I have a glass of wine in hand.
  • The last book I read was by Elliot Perlman – The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming (A collection of short stories).
  • If I could take my next holiday anywhere in the world I’d go to New York due to the sheer excitement of the place. Any city where you can quite happily fill a day just by walking around is pretty impressive in my book.
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