Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson

Graduate Lawyer

The facts

  • I studied Social Science (Politics) and Law at Macquarie University.
  • I decided to work for Gilbert + Tobin because it is an exciting firm which has grown, and continues to grow, so incredibly fast. This provides for a great environment with lots of stimulating work and exciting possibilities.
  • The practice groups I have rotated through include Competition + Regulation, Communications + Technology and Litigation.

The experience

  • The best thing about my clerkship experience was working with other clerks and lawyers on real day-to-day legal work. Oh, and always winning free beers at the local pub’s ‘toss the boss’ nights. * The proudest moment of my career so far was being able to say that I got a job at a firm that is socially responsible, inclusive and engaged in the community whilst still retaining its place as a high quality commercial practice.
  • Gilbert + Tobin has a reputation amongst clients for high quality work. I believe this reputation has been gained, in part, by creating an atmosphere where lawyers feel proud to be part of the firm. This enhances work practice and stems from a culture of appreciation of staff and their work. If I was Managing Partner of Gilbert + Tobin I would enhance and pursue this culture even further.
  • I think Gilbert + Tobin stands out amongst other firms as it combines a down-to-earth and relaxed approach with high quality, commercially oriented legal advice. All whilst maintaining a soul.

The insights

  • My perfect Sunday would involve waking up to the knowledge that my two children have spent the night with their grandmother and will be there all day. Whilst I love them dearly, that feeling of freedom is one of the greatest of all pleasures.
  • I would like to say the last book I read was by La Carrè, de Bernières or Eco but in fact it was a College of Law Practice Paper.
  • If I were Prime Minister I would immediately replace the rule which allows Cashmere Mafia to be shown on Australian TV. We must stop the abuse of Australian actors by foreigners armed with such dangerously awful television programs.
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