Madeleine Kulakauskas

Madeleine Kulakauskas

Graduate Lawyer

The facts

  • I studied Arts/Law at the University of New South Wales.
  • I decided to work at Gilbert + Tobin because it seemed more genuine than the other top tier firms when pushing its policies of egalitarianism and of being ‘open door’. It also has many high profile clients and a fantastic reputation in the market.
  • I have rotated through Corporate Transactions, Communications + Technology and Knowledge Management.

The experience

  • The best thing about my clerkship experience was being given the opportunity to be involved heavily in matters right from the start and meeting so many great and intelligent people.
  • The proudest moment of my career so far was getting compliments from other lawyers and partners who I really look up to and admire and seeing my work get sent out to clients without too many changes being made and with my name on it!!
  • If I was the Managing Partner of Gilbert + Tobin I wouldn’t change the “open door policy” and general emphasis on just being nice to one another. I would however increase the number of full time lawyers in the pro bono section and most importantly buy Milo to put in the breakout areas.
  • Gilbert + Tobin stands out amongst other firms because of the personalities of the people that work here and the outstanding work that the firm produces.

The insights

  • My perfect Sunday would be when the following Monday is a public holiday. I’d have a BBQ with all my friends at Bondi Beach with lots of food, drinking and very, very silly behaviour.
  • If I was Prime Minister I would make university education free again and abolish everyone’s HECS debt.
  • My number one stress buster is doing something physically challenging and a bit frightening, like skydiving, because it makes you realise you are capable of doing anything and reminds you how small your problems are relative to everything else.
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