Many of our clerks continue to work casually (2-3 days a week) after their clerkship has finished and while completing their university studies. We also recruit additional paralegals depending on the needs of the practice groups. When recruiting paralegals, we look for students who identify with our core values of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, commercial acumen and a determination to succeed.

From your first day as a paralegal, you will have a to chance to assist our lawyers in hands-on legal work across all our various practice areas.

The tasks involved vary, depending on the needs of each practice group, though some core tasks include:

  • researching case law
  • preparing and drafting memos or advices
  • document discovery
  • preparing briefs or other court documents
  • participation at group meetings
  • due diligence
  • collating and preparing documents for settlement
  • completing ASIC searches and preparing forms
  • photocopying and scanning documents.

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